Rosa das Rosas by Kings & Beggars

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Buy high-quality downloads of Rosa das Rosas – XIII century Castilian court was known as a science and art centre from Pyrenees to the Alps. Musicians, dancers and singers drove to the court of Alfonso X the Wise, and not only Christians but also people of other believes. We want to show this educated multicultural society of those old times. Album was released on February 3, 2018. Ensemble plays European early and folk music, which was enjoyed by the noble people at the royal court and the simple people in the cities and villages – this where the name “Kings & Beggars” came out.
Anna Vasylchenko – medieval fiddle, recorders, shawm, vocals.
Marta Hovdysh – hurdy-gurdy, recorders, vocals.
Max Kerner – bass citole, oud.
Yevhen Grinevich – recorders, medieval shawm, vocals.
Artur Temchenko – tambourins, tar, daf, medieval drum.
Guest musician: Anton Korolev – tarota.


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