Senhor Per Los Nostres Peccatz – Gavaudan – Eduardo Paniagua & Musica Antigua

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Senhor, per nostres peccatz is the crusade song written by Gavaudan (early XIII century) who was a troubadour and hired soldier at the courts of both Raymond V and Raymond VI of Toulouse, and later on in Castile. The song was written after the fall of Jerusalem to Saladin in 1187 and can be understood as final warning after the Battle of Alarcos (1195) where Alfonso VIII of Castile was defeated by the Almohad sultan of Morocco, Abu Jusuf.

…I am not like other troubadours, let none blame me for selecting a cloudy style of writing, or, at least, let them reserve their censure until they are capable of sifting the wheat that lies therein from the chaff…Gavaudan

Song is performed by Música Antigua directed by legendary Eduardo Paniagua, born in Madrid in 1952 founder of the recording label Pneuma. He has performed early music since the year 1966 with ensembles such as Atrium Musicæ (Atrium Musicae de Madrid), Hoquetus and Calamus, and currently directs the groups Música antigua and Ibn Báya (Arab Andalusian music).

Video by Sirius Lux. 14 May 2014
Lyrics – English
Gentlemen, it is because of our sins
that the Saracen’s strength increases:
the Saladin has taken Jerusalem
and it still hasn’t been recovered;
then the king of Morocco makes it known
that he’ll fight all Christian
kings together with his wicked
Andalusian and Arabs,
armed against the faith in Christ.

He has summoned all his lieutenants:
Masmuda, Moors, Goths and Berbers
and there isn’t anybody, plump or scrawny,
who hasn’t been enlisted:
rather, the rain hasn’t ever been thicker
than they [are], passing and covering the plains;
these cadaverous thousands
he drives to pasture, like a heard,
and not a blade of grass or a root is left there.

Those he has chosen have so much pride
that they think the world bows to them;
Moroccans, Murabitun,
pause in heaps amidst the meadows;
and they mouth among themselves: “Franks, make place!
Ours are Provença and the Comtat de Tolosa
and all the territory up to Puy!”
Never such fierce bragging was heard
from these treacherous, faithless, despicable curs.

Emperor, please listen,
and you, king of France, his cousin,
and the English king, count of Peiteu:
may you succour the Spanish king!
For one never had a better
chance to serve god:
with him, you’ll defeat all the curs
the Baphomet has seduced
and the renegades that have changed side.

Jesus Christ, who preached to us
so that our end would be good,
shows us what the straight path is:
for through penitence the sin
that descends from Adam is forgiven.
And he wants to make us certain and assured,
if we believe him, he’ll place us
among the chosen, and he’ll be our guide
against the treacherous, wretched felons.

Let’s not leave our birthright,
since we are propped by the great faith,
to black curs from beyond the sea;
let everybody think it through
before the damage affects us!
Portuguese, Galicians, Castilians,
Navarrese, Aragonese, Cerdanyans
we have used as a barrier against them,
but they have routed and humiliated them.

When the crusading barons come,
German, French, Cambresine,
English, Breton, Angevin,
Bearnese, Gascon, together with us,
and the Provencal, all in a horde,
you can be sure that, together with the Spanish,
we’ll part the mass, and the heads,
until we have them dead and gone;
then the gold will be split among us.

Gavaudan will be its prophet:
what is said will be done. And death to the curs!
And god is honoured and served
where Baphomet was being worshipped.

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