Oxford Estampie (Danza Inglesa)

By June 10, 2018Music

During the fourteenth century the outdated and dogmatic medieval Europe deciduous and unsustainable traditions became laboratory where historical experience new horizons. While the Black Death was serving his broken evils European society, the rudiments of the impending Modern Age manifested in political, religious or artistic economic grounds. Llegada al Mercado de Oxford

The members of Artefactum are experienced performers with musical careers which are as rich and complex as their experience of life itself, and it is this which is fundamental to understanding the pieces they create. It is impossible to transmit feelings which have not been actually experienced; emotions cannot be learnt from a musical score. The medieval era is perhaps the historical period which most personified the contrast between monastic simplicity and the picaresque flavour of life in the taverns, between the comforts of the royal courts and the penuries of the pilgrims’ route to Santiago. Although it may seem hard to believe, all these elements and many more are present in Artefactum…

Artefactum: Francisco Orozco, laúdes ; Ignacio Gil, falutas, cornamusas, chirimias; José Manuel Vaquero, organetto y zanfoña; Juan Manuel Rubio, viola, zanfoña, arpa gótica; Alvaro Garrido, percusiones.
CD Album: SALTOS, BRINCOS Y REVERENCIAS (2007) – Danzas instrumentales siglos XIV y XV

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