Gavrilu Vješčavšu – Gabriel Cried Out – Divna Ljubojevic

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“Gabriel cried out to you, the virgin to rejoice
with the voice of the Lord incarnating
in you, the Holy Ark,
as was said by the righteous David,
you’ve appeared to be bigger than the Heavens,
carrying with you your Creator
Glory to the one that dwells inside you
Glory to the one that has come fort to you
Glory to the one that has freed us all by your birth.”

Original (Byzantine tune)
“Gavrilu vješčavšu Tebje Djevo, radujsja.
So glasom voploščašesja vsjeh vladika,
v Tebje svjatjem kivotje, jakože reče pravednij David:
Javilasja jesi širšaja nebes, ponosivši zižditelja tvojego.
Slava vselšemusja v tja, slava prošedšemu iz Tebe,
slava svobodivšemu nas roždestvom tvojim.”

“Within all of the legends of birthing, Gabriel as been accredited as the archangel who selects souls from heaven to be birthed into the material world and spends the nine months as the child is being developed informing the new person of what he or she will need to know on Earth, only to silence the child before birth by pressing his finger onto the child’s lips, thus producing the cleft below a person’s nose. Besides births however, Gabriel is also the archangel who came before Daniel and told him of the future as well as the angel responsible for strengthening Christ prior to the Crucifixion.”

Divna Ljubojevic – Voice of an Angel, was born in Belgrade, Serbia (Yugoslavia) in 1970. Her remarkable voice was first recognized in early childhood by Mother Agnija, Abbess of Vavedenje Monastery. Believing that Divna’s gift for singing should be nurtured and guided, Mother Agnija, herself a singer of great talent and knowledge, invited Divna to sing with the monastery choir. From age 10, Divna was tutored in the ancient tradition of Orthodox chant. Mother Agniya and the sisters of Vavedenje cherished and painstakingly preserved a musical style that originated from the Karlovatz chants, as well as traditional Byzantine and Russian modalities. Melodi Choir and studio for spiritual music was founded by Divna Ljubojevic and friends in 1991 in Belgrade, Serbia who created the Melodi Studio which is the essence of the choir. The Melodi Ensemble performs sacred, spiritual and ancient music as well as contemporary works for choir. The developments of the basic concept are the Ensemble’s activities in the music fields of early Renaissance, Baroque and the Romanticism /English, Italian and French madrigals, operas in whole and in some parts of the Baroque operas – Henry Persel, Francesco Kaccini…). Melodi Ensemble performed with soloists of Basel Opera, with the “Ansambl Studio za ranu muziku” Belgrade and Spezzatura Ensamble from Great Britain. Divna Ljubojević with the Melodi Studio Ensemble played more than 70 concerts along Europe — in Germany, Belgium, Spain, Switzerland, Italy,Russia, Austria, Tunisia, and especially in France, where they perform continuously since 2001 on soloist concerts and on Festivals. Since the release of their first CD in 2003 (Jade /Warner Music) the Melodi Ensemble is a regular guest at many European festivals and concert halls, among others Thèatre de Ville Paris, La Folle Journèe, Festival Ile de France, La Vezere, Les Orientales, Auvers sur l´Oise, Abbey Royale de Fontevraud, Festival de Dijon, Voix Melee, Festival Stimmen, Festival Territorios de Sevilla, Festival de Pâques, Voix Sacrèes de Monde, Musiche dal Mondo, Abbey de Bomont, Festival Musicat…

As a teacher of choral music and solfeggio, Divna has won many music school competitions. She has also taught choral music at the Amilly Musical Academy (France), Netherlands and England. Her education is a testimony to her capacity for assuming soprano solo roles within baroque, spiritual or renaissance operas. With ease, she lends her voice to any type of lyrical repertoire. Lycourgos Angelopoulos, director of the Byzantine Choir of Greece, has hailed Divna as, “One of the purest voices I have ever heard.”

Sirius Lux Grammaticvs AD 2014

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