F or most of the world, the largest broadcast outlets for music are commercialized and sterilized pop, stripped bare of its soul and creativity by over-production and electronic enhancement. Music aficionados have more diverse tastes, and like everyone, they seek music that speaks to them. But for these listeners, finding the musicians is often the result of blind luck. Smaller networks of podcasts and internet radio channels currently provide an underground railroad of alternatives to this starving population. These channels are of limited reach, spread slowly amongst a niche population, buried underneath layers of commercial noise. In many cases, the music is simply hidden despite the best attempts of musician and audience to connect.

The World of Medieval Music exists to extend the reach of these smaller communities, to provide a network to make those connections across the world at large. We serve to bring various genres of traditional, secular, religious, and fantasy-based music within easy reach of a diverse audience whose needs have thus far been ignored or underserved by the professional commercial markets.

World of Medieval Music provides a locus or focal point for all of the diverse groups to come together and share their love of history. That is rare. Rare to find a global community. What is even rarer is the research which goes into creating and selecting music which is posted. Each post contains superb compact kernels of knowledge, that I think a great many will not realize they are being taught even as they listen to the music.

We are the centralized castle with magnificent library, public square, secluded abbeys, local tavern, and marketplace for the soundscape the world is craving. We are your passage to the lands of mystery and legends. We are never-ending story but the story with the happy end. We are The World of Medieval Music.